CDN Hosting Services Provider,, Launches Reseller Program

bigCDN, a global CDN hosting services provider, has announced the launch of a reseller program. The Reseller Program allows anyone including agencies, web designers, production companies and hardware resellers to refer business to bigCDN for a commission. 

bigCDN buys its hosting capacity in bulk from multiple providers wholesale. As a result, bigCDN would be able to pass considerable savings on to their customers, who are unable to get similar pricing for low commitments (CDN bandwidth & CDN storage). 

china-cdnThe bigCDN technology replicates customer content on many CDN servers globally (servers located in most countries). This would enable a large increase in speed and quality of delivery. Distribution to millions of viewers at once is possible with failover and load balancing built in as standard.

A unique CDN services promo code enables a payment to be made to the reseller for any sales made by them. This would present a large new revenue opportunity for them. Rebranded content delivery network and white label CDN solutions are also available.

The global CDN market is to reach $15.73 Billion by 2020 (source: Markets and Markets), so the launch of a CDN Hosting Reseller Program would allow anyone to make money from this rapidly growing market. Worldwide Video CDN revenue alone is increasing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 29.66% (source: prmarketweb).

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