CDN Provider CDNetworks Unveils Global Edge Computing Platform

Edge-computingGlobal content delivery network provider, CDNetworks, has announced the launch of its Edge Computing Platform Service (ECP). CDNetworks customers can now deploy and scale-up their microservice container-based applications globally to meet growing business demands with secured, “ultra-low latency, high-bandwidth” computing.

The CDNetworks Edge Computing Platform places “powerful” compute, storage and network resources as close as possible to end-users. Doing so would lower operating costs significantly, reduce data transport, decrease latency and increase data locality. CDNetworks ECP is a container orchestration system built on Kubernetes and Docker for developers to write container-based applications once and deploy them everywhere.

“By leveraging our existing 1500+ global edge locations, CDNetworks will be at the forefront of the burgeoning edge computing services market,” said Tim Zou, CEO of CDNetworks. “This will support our customers in addressing the requirements of new applications such as AI, ML, gaming, IoT and autonomous cars as Edge Computing becomes mainstream over the next decade.”

Key features of the new CDNetworks Edge Compute Platform include:

In-house features

  • App Auto Deployment
  • Security (including Application Monitoring and Reporting System)
  • Open APIs
  • Public IP Addresses for Customer Pods
  • Layer 4/7 Load Balancing
  • Customer Portal
  • Local-SSD and Persist-SSD Storage
  • IPv6 support

Kubernetes features

  • Automated Application Deployment
  • Self-healing
  • Automatic rolling updates
  • Horizontal Pod Autoscaling (HPA)

Additionally, CDNetworks Edge Computing Platform would come with all of the benefits of the company’s “high-performance” global network, including:

  • 1,500+ global edge PoP locations (this would ensure geo-distributed low-latency coverage)
  • 50+ Tbps network bandwidth
  • <50 ms low latency
  • 10 global office locations
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