CDN Provider Fastly Launches Real-Time Insights Solution, Origin Inspector

Fastly (NYSE: FSLY), a global CDN and edge cloud network provider, has unveiled an origin-to-edge real-time visibility product accessible via Fastly’s user interface and API. The new product provides organizations with granular visibility into real-time and historical traffic between customer origins and the edge.

Fastly’s Origin Inspector would allow businesses to proactively discover origin performance issues, allowing them to take rapid and efficient remedial steps to reduce downtime in their IT infrastructure. The real-time insights solution can especially be interesting for large enterprises or service providers delivering online experiences at global scale, although uptime and reliability are in fact mission-critical for any company with a digital presence.

“Uptime and reliability are mission-critical for businesses in the digital world today, and we know how crucial data is to decision making,” said Sean Leach, Chief Product Architect at Fastly. “With Origin Inspector we’ve made it possible for businesses to really see what’s going on behind the scenes – whether they are single origin, multi-cloud, or multi-CDN – without requiring any complicated configurations. A lack of visibility into these bytes, origin responses and more can be the difference between massive success and costly business failures. We’re thrilled to make Origin Inspector available to customers, especially for those who do not have the resources to configure powerful tools like this themselves.”

End-to-End Traffic Picture

Photo Sean Leach, Chief Product Architect at Fastly
“With Origin Inspector we’ve made it possible for businesses to really see what’s going on behind the scenes – whether they are single origin, multi-cloud, or multi-CDN,” said Sean Leach, Chief Product Architect at Fastly.

With verifiable origin infrastructure and egress cost reductions, Origin Inspector’s streamlined data pipelines and visualizations would enable enterprises to make more educated business decisions. Clients would now have an easy-to-use mechanism to monitor origin responses, bytes, status codes, and more without having to transfer log data to a third-party data collector using the Fastly user interface.

Organizations also obtain a complete view of traffic to their origin, which is useful for evaluating quality of experience and troubleshooting, particularly during flash sales or high-profile live streaming events. This information might help enterprises measure the amount to which Fastly services minimize origin infrastructure and egress costs, particularly when shielding is used to speed up connections, reduce origin load, and enhance cache hit ratio.

“Visibility into traffic and errors between the edge and an origin really is an essential part of decision making, especially when every second of uptime counts as an ecommerce platform,” said Ryan Townsend, Founder and CTO of SHIFT Commerce. Fastly’s Origin Inspector removes the logging dependency on third party data collectors to achieve this visibility, and that’s a major win for us because we’ll have all that granular data at our fingertips and in real time. A home-grown solution is way too costly and time-consuming for teams to invest resources into, despite its major benefits, so we’re thrilled Fastly has made this so effortless and simple.”