CDN Provider StackPath Introduces IP Spotlight


With the launch of IP Spotlight, StackPath, a global provider of CDN and edge computing solutions including cybersecurity services, has made it possible for its ‘WAF Essentials’, ‘Professional’, and ‘Enterprise’ customers to track and collect useful information on IP addresses without paying any additional fees.

“Here at StackPath, we understand the importance of observability, transparency, and simplicity regarding data, and a large portion of our roadmap is focused on precisely that,” said Tom Reyes, Chief Product Officer at StackPath. “We are excited to announce IP Spotlight and provide StackPath WAF customers access to more information, as well as a risk assessment score, on the IP addresses hitting their sites.”

Risk Assessment Score

Data provided includes:

  • IP threat summary, including a risk assessment score
  • Use of botnets
  • ‘Known for’ activities
  • IP ownership information
  • Request information, including requests blocked and a unique session count
  • Geographic information on attack origins and targets
  • Attack distribution over time

Each IP address in IP Spotlight generates a Risk Assessment score based on data acquired from the extensive StackPath content delivery network. StackPath’s clients can decide if an IP address is suitable for generating requests on their site using that score in conjunction with the other information offered.

StackPath is a CDN and cloud services platform built at the Internet’s edge, providing infrastructure and services physically closer to the source or destination of data than hyperscale cloud service providers. Edge Compute (including VMs and containers), Edge Delivery (including CDN and serverless scripting), and Edge Security (including WAF) solutions from StackPath run in edge locations strategically placed in high-density markets and are connected by a secured global network and a single management system.