CDN77 Opts for Data Center maincubes To House Its Frankfurt PoP

CDN77, a 14+Tbps Content Delivery Network with 35 PoPs in strategic IX (Internet Exchange) locations around the globe, has selected European data center operator maincubes as its colocation partner for establishing a network Point-of-Presence in Frankfurt, Germany. maincubes currently operates two data centers in Europe, in Frankfurt (FRA01) and Amsterdam (AMS01) respectively.

The CDN network PoP established in the maincubes FRA01 data center in Frankfurt, Germany, encompasses multiple data center racks filled with server and network equipment. This PoP is one of CDN77’s 35 CDN network PoPs globally. According to CDN77, the company’s Frankfurt PoP is one of its most important network PoPs in Europe and also a fast-growing one. CDN77 expects its number of racks deployed in maincubes FRA01 to double in the year to come. Before co-locating its network PoP server infrastructure with maincubes, CDN77 had its network PoP co-located in a Frankfurt-based data center with one of the world’s largest data center operators.

“We now serve more than 45,000 websites & software providers with our content acceleration services, VoD and live streaming solutions and much more,” said Zdenek Cendra, founder and CEO of CDN77. “Our former colocation environment in Frankfurt was lacking flexibility and a personal approach while this facility also suffered major outages. maincubes offers us unrivaled 24/7 individual onsite support in their Frankfurt data center and the ability to co-locate our server and network infrastructure on flexible terms, to let us scale fast if necessary. We’re also able to deploy our own custom hardware and cable infrastructure. maincubes is also able to provide us with 100% uptime guarantees as well as high-density power and cooling to handle peak times.”

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IPTV and VoD Fueling Network Growth

Zdenek Cendra
“maincubes provides us with 100% uptime guarantees as well as high-density power and cooling to handle peak times and we’re able to deploy our own custom hardware and cable infrastructure,” said Zdenek Cendra, founder and CEO of CDN77.

CDN77 recently launched its own end-to-end video delivery platform, StreamFlow, intended to help digital publishers in the streaming and video on demand space. By bringing their entire video workflow under one roof and replacing multi-vendor solutions, they are able to reduce complexity and cut down costs for their clients.

“With the explosion of video content on the internet, we’ve seen the growing need for comprehensive end-to-end live streaming and a VOD platform. With our experience and robust global network, it just made sense that we venture into the space as well,” added Mr. Cendra. “Our most important customers are typically located in English speaking countries as well as the DACH region and Europe in general, while South America and some Asian countries are showing big potential. This requires a truly global infrastructure, to get closer to our customers’ audiences.”

“To achieve this, we’re using multiple data center operators to house our CDN servers. We’re still growing our network by adding new PoPs, currently at a rate of 1 to 2 new locations per quarter. If maincubes has any updates on further expanding their data center presence across Europe or U.S., while offering similar conditions to what they have available in Frankfurt, we definitely may be interested in exploring these options.”

maincubes: 100% Uptime Guarantee

To provide CDN77 and other customers with 100% uptime guarantees in its Frankfurt FRA01 and Amsterdam AMS01 data centers, maincubes has added extra redundancy features to its data center cooling and power.

“We don’t like to take any risks to that regard, so we’re using 2N and N+1 as a standard for our data centers, just to provide customers the ultimate assurance that the continuity of their ICT infrastructures will be guaranteed at all times,” said Oliver Menzel, CEO of maincubes. “For CDN services such as delivered by CDN77 and other uptime-critical use cases including cloud-based services, it is of utmost importance that there are no service interruptions whatsoever. Fortunately our data center design allows us to include a true 100% uptime guarantee in our SLAs. This is important for customers like CDN77, as end-users on their end also expect the highest uptimes for the content delivery services being provided.”

About CDN77

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CDN77 operates a 14+ Tbps Content Delivery Network with more than 35 PoPs around the globe. Being the first to bring important technology updates like HTTP/2 support, Brotli compression and TLS 1.3, CDN77 is considered an innovation leader in the space. With flawless customer support being top priority, their in-house team of engineers is available 24/7 to help users in real-time via live chat and multiple additional channels.

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About maincubes


maincubes is part of German investor and real estate developer Art-Invest which is part of the German construction conglomerate Zech Group. maincubes has data centers in Frankfurt and Amsterdam, and a network of high-availability data centers of various sizes and types in Europe, enabling it to provide colocation services and secure ecosystems for the digital future of customers across various industries. Via the secureexchange® digital platform customers and partners of maincubes can use IT services worldwide such as IoT, (cyber) security and connectivity as well as cloud services to expand their business opportunities. maincubes offers secure, efficient and user-friendly services – and a secure home for your data.

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