CDNify Stops Reselling Onapp’s Federated CDN, Launches Its Own Global Network

global-cdnCDNify, a UK-based CDN provider formerly reselling OnApp’s federated CDN, has launched its own global network with 20 strategically located POPs, including coverage in USA, Europe, and Asia. Similar to the previous platform, CDNify is a completely cloud-based CDN architecture which reinforces flexibility and scalability of the solution.

Six months in the making, CDNify’s new content delivery network allows them to serve content from SSD accelerated servers and their early tests would show that this gives response times equivalent or better than before. CDNify offers free custom SSL to all websites on their new CDN.

Free SSL

“Building our own network allows us to innovate at speed and create functionality that our customers need,” said James Mulvany, Founder of CDNify. “There have been some huge benefits being on a federated network, but we feel to continue growing we need greater control. So what prompted this move? In part it was to do with the difficulties they were having implementing custom SSL for their customers.”

According to Nick Todd, CDNify’s technical lead, “Selling someone a CDN without custom SSL as standard is like selling someone a house without any locks on it. It’s a simple process that up until now has been prohibitively expensive on other CDNs. We want to try and add as much value as possible for our customers.”