CDS Unveils Data Center Modernization Assessment Service

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As hardware refresh cycles lengthen and modernization initiatives require funding, CDS, a global provider of multi-vendor services (MVS) for data centers, has now introduced its new Data Center Modernization Assessment Service. The service is designed to assist organizations in understanding and realizing their potential for data center cost savings.

“Hardware refresh cycles are getting longer, and aging systems are holding back IT modernization,” said Daniel Newton, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at CDS. “With these new capabilities, CDS and our partners can quickly identify opportunities for organizations to unlock savings in older enterprise systems and help fund strategic initiatives to meet the rising demands of their customers.”

The new Data Center Modernization Assessment Service is based on CDS’ comparison and reporting engine, which is an extension of the CDS Raytrix MVS platform and is driven by special automation. It does the following:

  • Accepts data center inventory for servers, storage, and networking according to model and system type
  • Searches a large, multi-vendor database for matches between system models and serial numbers
  • Type, age, EoSL (end of service life) status, and support expenses are all included
  • Creates an interactive report that examines the infrastructure’s age and potential for savings

Storage, Servers, and Network Appliances

Daniel Newton, CEO at CDS
“Hardware refresh cycles are getting longer, and aging systems are holding back IT modernization,” said Daniel Newton, CEO at CDS.

The Uptime Institute reports that after five years, 50 percent of all data center system updates take place. In the typical data center nowadays, 90 percent or more of the systems are three years old or older. Although there are more storage arrays than server units, storage represents the biggest potential area for cost savings since it was purchased at a considerably higher price, which would account for roughly 70 percent of the potential savings in hardware maintenance.

On systems that are three to four years old, the MVS platform can save customers at least 20 percent, according to CDS, while on systems that are five years or older, MVS could save customers at least 50 percent.

“Aligning system age and criticality with cost of support maintenance across the data center estate – storage, servers and network devices – is key to data center cost optimization,” added Mr. Newton. “No one has the breadth of coverage or the technology engine that we do to assess these opportunities and help customers cash in on them.”

CDS’s multi-vendor services (MVS) for data centers are delivered worldwide. High-end storage, server, and network devices are supported for mission-critical data centers via its Raytrix MVS software platform. Through OEMs and channel partners, CDS provides post-warranty support services for a variety of customers across the Americas, EMEA, Asia Pacific, and Japan. The company’s maintenance and support services are created to increase the return on investment for these systems by extending the usable life of the IT infrastructure of its clients. Around the world, CDS has highly qualified, accredited by the industry engineers and “committed” account managers.