Centralize access to your organization’s websites with Identity Aware Proxy (IAP)

Most large organizations have multiple web systems, from public websites to internal tools used by employees, built on multiple technical platforms. Access control is often fragmented. But there is a better way. In this episode of Serverless Expeditions, we demo how to configure Identity Aware Proxy (IAP) on App Engine, allowing you to seamlessly and securely grant access to internal and external websites.

1:00 Use cases supported by IAP
4:18 Architecture overview
10:20 Setting up public access
12:55 Setting up public access, but with authentication
18:10 Setting up access for employees only
21:15 Setting up access for employees on secure devices only

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Product: IAP, App Engine; fullname: Martin Omander, Charlie Engelke;

Duration: 00:26:18
Publisher: Google Cloud
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