Centrilogic Expands Its Cyber and Managed Security Services Portfolio

Centrilogic has recently rolled out an expanded Cybersecurity and Managed Security Services Portfolio. The portfolio consists of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)-as-a-service, full-fledged security assessments working on the most app industry practices, completely managed security services, and innovative incident response programs.

The services offered by the organization are additionally available along with numerous security services which Centrilogic offers that include Penetration Testing, Application Security, Managed Security Infrastructure, and Vulnerability Assessments.

Photo Robert Offley, President and CEO of Centrilogic
“Recent high-profile security breaches, vulnerabilities and attacks point to the critical importance of having security services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers and are built into the customer’s operations,” said aid Robert Offley, President and CEO of Centrilogic.

The Cybersecurity and Managed Security Services practice at Centrilogic is headed by Steven Cohen who is a highly experienced security industry veteran. A shortage in the density of security expertise can be sensed along with the escalation of breach costs due to the rapid growth in the number of critical cyberattacks. Due to the mentioned scenario, many organizations would face intense pressure to build a strong security infrastructure.

As most of the companies are going completely digital so the cybersecurity angle becomes important and challenging at the same time. Research by McKinsey and Company has highlighted the fact that only 16% of executives have quoted that their organizations have tightened their belts to tackle any sort of cyberattacks. In another research by IBM, it was revealed that an average of 207 days is required to identify a breach.

Services Added to the Cybersecurity And Managed Security Services By Centrilogic:

  • Incident Response Service – With the brand-new Incident Response Service by Centrilogic, organizations can boost their preparedness and reduce the breach impacts. The service includes a security assessment, prevention services to address vulnerabilities before they become a major issue, disaster recovery services, and preparation and policy recommendations. The mentioned services will be available for organizations in different fields including manufacturing, healthcare, finance, real estate, and more.
  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)-as-a-service – This service by Centrilogic offers security experts for various organizations that may lack the bandwidth to find, train, and deploy an in-house CISO. CISO-as-a-service can manage all the work related to the cybersecurity portfolio of an organization via implementation as per the need of the hour. The service also allows the organizations to cut down the risks and costs with the proper expertise.
  • Managed Security Services – Cetrilogic’s managed security services are available 24X7X365 for threat management ongoing compliance, and data protection so that the organizations can focus more on the strategic business priorities. The managed security services team at Centrilogic provides one of a kind methodology at the time of cloud-based environments evaluation. Platforms like Microsoft, OCI, Azure, AWS, and more depend on a vendor-agnostic approach for the practice.
  • Security Assessments – The security assessments of Centrilogic‘s identifies the security threats, potential penetration points to protect crucial systems, data, applications along with other vulnerabilities. The service is used to evaluate the current information security program and infrastructure of an organization against industry-accepted practices and develop a plan to secure data, applications, and systems in the near future.

CEO’s Take

Centrilogic’s CEO and President, Robert Offley, said the customers of Centrilogic are inclined towards complex digital transformations that consist of various services along with the requirement for enhanced security over critical applications, in this case, the infrastructure becomes the front and center. He further added that the managed and cyber security services at Centrilogic are under the supervision of recently appointed practice lead, Steven Cohen.

Mr. Offley concluded his statement by saying that the clients of Centrilogic will get leverage in aspects related to security with the expertise of Steven and the organization will keep helping its customers in managing critical security risks.