Centroid, RackWare Join Forces to Help Upgrade to Modern Cloud Solutions

Oracle Cloud

Centroid, a company from Detroit with over 200 experts to help clients take advantage of the latest Oracle cloud applications and technologies, has joined forces with hybrid cloud management platform provider Rackware. The duo will work with medium and large organizations to upgrade their legacy systems to modern cloud solutions.

Centroid’s Cloud Advisory services would provide a complete assessment of a firm’s current business and technology challenges and opportunities. The partner’s Integration Services streamline application design, so data integration would be done in real-time with minimal delay. The accuracy of data and the need for it to be updated in a timely manner are areas that Centroid understands the importance of and has kept at the heart of its operations.

Centroid is a pioneer in Oracle Enterprise Workload Consulting. Due to their skills and expertise, Centroid managed to amass a loyal customer base in a very short time, and its experience has proven especially beneficial in deploying Oracle cloud solutions. In fact, Oracle declared Centroid as its North American Partner of the Year for Engineered Systems.

Silicon Valley-based RackWare provides an intelligent and highly automated Hybrid Cloud Management Platform. This platform extends across physical and virtual environments. It would provide greater availability and flexibility for enterprise IT users, and reduced costs for enterprise IT providers. The service supports a broad suite of needs, including disaster recovery & backup, hybrid cloud management, and cloud migration & replication.

Together, Centroid and RackWare are able to master the art of leveraging cloud technology, may it be Oracle, AWS, Azure, or any other cloud.

Migration of HID Global from Legacy Systems to the Cloud

Centroid and RackWare have already partnered to empower HID Global in its modernization efforts. HID Global delivers physical and virtual digital identity solutions that enable millions of businesses and people to protect, access, and track physical and digital assets. Individuals confirm identities with a tap, twist, tag, push, swipe, or simply by standing close to a security checkpoint. HID Global products open doors, provide access to digital networks, personalize badges, verify transactions, find information, track assets, and connect individuals.

As its services expanded, the company, which has 3,000 employees serving customers in more than 100 countries, decided to upgrade its workload infrastructure from legacy VMware servers to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), using RackWare’s management stack. RackWare provided their intelligent and highly automated Cloud Management Platform; Oracle delivered Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, an IaaS service that features on-premises, high-performance computing power so businesses run cloud native and enterprise IT workloads; while Centroid possessed the migration expertise. By making the change, HID gained “flexibility, agility, and scalability”, so it can now better serve its customers.

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