CenturyLink Launches New, Globally Available Private Cloud Hosting Service

CenturyLink Technology Solutions, a large U.S. provider of colocation and cloud hosting services, has launched a Private Cloud solution that would deliver the agility and innovation of public cloud but with the physical isolation, dedicated hardware and security standards that many large enterprises require. The new Private Cloud services are now available in 57 data centers around the world.

CenturyLink Private Cloud is built on CenturyLink’s public cloud platform and expertise. Each private cloud instance is federated into the CenturyLink cloud network of public cloud nodes, giving users a single interface for creating and maintaining a hybrid environment that spans both public cloud hosting environments and private clouds.

private-cloud“CenturyLink continues to realize our vision for business-friendly hybrid IT solutions, with public cloud, private cloud and network connectivity all available from one provider,” said Andrew Higginbotham, senior vice president, cloud and technology, at CenturyLink. “CenturyLink Private Cloud delivers the best of private cloud – from dedicated hardware and physical isolation to enterprise-level security and service-level agreements – along with our truly innovative public cloud hosting experience, featuring advanced self-service automation and a fast pace of feature innovation.”

Benefits of the CenturyLink Private Cloud solution would include:

  • Hybrid IT capabilities – Private Cloud connects with public cloud running the same technology platform; enterprises can also leverage other CenturyLink solutions, including network and opt-in managed services for critical applications.
  • Runs on the same platform as CenturyLink’s public cloud – Provides cloud management, automation and orchestration capabilities, as well as new features as they are released.
  • Delivers geographic flexibility – Enterprises can deploy Private Cloud in any of CenturyLink‘s 57 data centers located in 34 cities around the world.