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In case you haven’t heard the news, Broadcom has made a major move in the cloud space, acquiring VMware for over $60B in cash & stock. So what does that mean for those of you leveraging VMware solutions?

Fear not! Mirantis is here to help. We recognize a lot of our partners and customers are leveraging VMware & our team of cloud experts are ready to assist you with any questions, concerns or asks you have. Check out this webinar where our partner team walks you through the details of the acquisition, what it means for you & exactly how you can get in touch with Mirantis to get the assistance you need.

0:00 – What’s happening with VMware?
1:03 – VMware overview & why it matters to you
4:10 – So what? A word from our VMware Expert
7:45 – Mirantis everywhere! Our complete solution overview
12:55 – After all of that, what’s next?

Duration: 00:18:21
Publisher: Mirantis
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