Chef Delivers DevOps Automation for Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting Platform

microsoft-azure-chefChef, a provider of web-scale IT automation, has announced new Microsoft Azure cloud hosting automation capabilities, empowering developers to accelerate software and service delivery. Chef provides a single platform for automating Windows and Linux systems in Microsoft Azure and on-premise deployments.

By delivering native integration with Windows PowerShell and the Azure portal, Chef enables Windows users to manage on-premises workloads and streamline migrations to Azure.

The news was unveiled last week at Microsoft’s Build Conference in San Francisco. Key facts of this announcement include:

  • PowerShell Integration – PowerShell is now native to the Chef Client, making the Chef experience natural for Windows users. The deep integration of PowerShell and Chef would make automating Windows environments with Chef and migrating Windows environments to Azure as easy as running a simple PowerShell script.
  • Chef Baked Into Azure – Chef is now supported in Azure for ease of configuration, automation and management of VM-based cloud hosting infrastructure.
  • Microsoft Releases Chef Cookbooks – Microsoft Open Technologies has published a collection of three Chef Cookbooks for configuring Azure Virtual Machines, helping customers reduce risk, management and development cycle times.

“Microsoft is fully embracing DevOps by delivering technology that improves collaboration and speeds software development,” said Corey Sanders, principal group program manager, Microsoft. “Chef’s integration with Azure gives our customers great configuration and automation power for any Windows environment, allowing developers to focus on development as opposed to management. Microsoft and Chef are enabling streamlined migration to cloud hosting environments.”