Chef Unveils Habitat, New Open Source Project to Automate Applications

Provider of automation for DevOps, Chef, has announced Habitat – an open source project that introduces a new approach for application automation. Applications packaged with Habitat would have the intelligence to self-organize and self-configure.

Habitat allows the application to both be portable across independent infrastructure environments and have the intelligence to select the infrastructure features that benefit that application. This would make it easy to run applications across increasingly diverse environments such as containers, PaaS, cloud infrastructure, and on-premise data centers, while also accelerating hybrid cloud environments.

chef habitatWhether greenfield or legacy, any application that is deployed using a Habitat package has the intelligence to be aware of and react to its environment. Habitat’s novel approach to packaging allows the application to be independent of any particular infrastructure environment and fully utilize underlying infrastructure without custom optimization.

Habitat also provides a “well-defined” interface that would simplify common tasks such as monitoring, safe deployment of new features, and the creation of peer relationships that are required for production systems.


From a developer’s perspective, by wrapping applications in Habitat packages, application teams wouldn’t have to worry about a particular runtime until they’re ready to deploy. Because Habitat flexibly handles the management of the application, teams are no longer responsible for creating their own management solutions over and over again. With Habitat, developers can focus on new products and features that move the business forward.

“We must free the application from its dependency on infrastructure to truly achieve the promise of DevOps,” said Adam Jacob, co-founder and CTO of Chef. “There is so much open source software to be written in the world and we’re very excited to release Habitat into the wild. We believe application-centric automation can give modern development teams what they really want – to build new apps, not muck around in the plumbing.”

Habitat is an open source project under the Apache 2.0 license. You can download Habitat immediately here. Chef offers commercial support for the Habitat supervisor through its Chef Enterprise subscription.

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