China-based Alibaba To Expand Cloud Hosting Business Abroad

aliyun-cloudE-commerce company Alibaba Group has unveiled plans to expand its cloud hosting business beyond the Chinese market. Alibaba’s cloud hosting division, Aliyun, will set up the data centers necessary to support the cloud services operations outside China. Aliyun expects to start offering its cloud services in March 2014.

The announcement follows on the recent announcement that Amazon will bring its AWS cloud hosting services to China. Also, Microsoft has launched its Cloud Azure platform in China last summer. The Aliyun cloud services are aimed at local businesses as well as Chinese enterprises with international operations.

The exact details of where Aliyun will establish its first global data center are not disclosed yet, although Aliyun director Zhang Jing has implied two options to China Daily: the United States or Southeast Asia, thanks to its proximity to domestic businesses.

Aliyun would already be China’s largest public cloud hosting platform. Recently, the company achieved a gold certification for cloud security from industry standards firm, British Standards Institute.