China-based Inspur Releases OpenStack Cloud Operating System, In-Cloud V4.0, Starts Cloud Computing Ecosystem

Inspur Group, headquartered in Beijing, China, has released its cloud operating system (OS) In-Cloud V4.0 based on OpenStack. The company also started their ‘Yuntu Plan’ for launching a cloud computing ecosystem. Nineteen cloud companies have already joined the program as its first members, including Mirantis, Ali Cloud (Aliyun), Intel, Citrix, Red Hat, VMware, AsiaInfo Security, and Qiniu.

The most prominent feature of In-Cloud V4.0 would be the support for the OpenStack framework. In-Cloud V4.0 has “mature” OpenStack built-in. API interfaces for application developers, operators and maintainers would facilitate secondary development and integration, easily realizing the software-defined environment of SDC, SDN and SDS based on the OpenStack standard.

In addition to its full support of OpenStack and built-in APIs, In-Cloud V4.0 would support the fusion of private clouds, public clouds and industrial clouds. It would also support heterogeneous hardware platform management from X86 servers to minicomputers, and fusion management covering mainstream virtualization software such as InCloud Sphere, vSphere, XenServer, Hyper-V and PowerVM.

inspur_groupInspur Group will provide a free trial version of In-Cloud V4.0 to allow more users to experience the “advantages of this open-source cloud computing offering.

“Adherence to opening-up is the only choice of Inspur’s cloud computing strategies as well as the development road of Inspur’s fusion framework,” said Peng Zhen, Vice President of the Inspur Group. “On this basis, In-Cloud OS will become a strategic product of IT infrastructure of the software-defined data center created by Inspur. The mature and available OpenStack framework frees all users from vendor lock-in, accelerates business innovation and saves costs, thus presenting the various benefits of open source computing.”

Cloud Computing Ecosystem

The launch of the ‘Yuntu Plan’ would demonstrate Inspur’s devotion to the construction of a more open and perfect cloud computing ecosystem. To this end, Inspur will promote the system of three major ‘partners’ i.e. technology, solutions and service. It plans to cooperate with more than 50 technical partners, more than 100 solution partners and more than 1,000 service partners to jointly provide users with “open, integrated and safe” cloud computing services.

“We hope that the implementation of the Yuntu Plan will unite partners in different fields to provide users with more perfect IT system support, more flexible investment models and a more open IT environment,” said Zhao Wenhui, General Manager of the Inspur Information Cloud Product Department.

In future plans, In-Cloud OS will include six major modules:

  • The release version of Incloud OpenStack
  • InCloud Sphere for software-defined computing
  • InCloud Storage for software-defined storage
  • InCloud Network for the software-defined network
  • InCloud Manager for the operation and maintenance management platform of the data center
  • InCloud Security for the safety of software definition.

All these six modules are component-based. Users can select any modules or integrated solutions at will and deploy them to the business environment.