China Telecom Americas Partners with Intelisys to Extend Transpacific Network Services

china telecom globalChina Telecom has partnered with Intelisys – a technology services distributor of business communications services, including voice, data, access, cable, collaboration, wireless and cloud – to extend China Telecom’s service offerings.

As a result of this agreement, Intelisys’ sales partners would gain cost-effective access to China Telecom Americas’ global communication solutions, including China Telecom’s Cloud Services; direct-connects to partner cloud companies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS cloud) and Microsoft Azure; data center and colocation services (UC) and its China 4008 Toll Free service.

Through Intelisys, China Telecom’s sales partners would also gain access to China Telecom Americas’ local expertise and customer service for deploying and managing transpacific network services between the U.S. and China, the world’s two largest economies.

“For agents and VARs whose customers are multinational enterprises seeking global communication solutions, China Telecom America’s transpacific network services are an exceptional addition to their portfolio,” said Jay Bradley, President of Intelisys. “As businesses, regardless of size or industry, evolve into cloud companies, this partnership with China Telecom will undoubtedly benefit our sales partners and their customers. We look forward to a mutually successful relationship.”

Marketing, Training Support

“China Telecom is excited to work with Intelisys and its Sales Partners,” said Stephanie Condrell, Senior Global Director of Channel Alliance Programs and Strategic Accounts, China Telecom Americas. “Along with its size and strength in the market, Intelisys has a long-standing and proven track record of providing a best-in-class service portfolio and support for its partners who sell the most complex business communications to global enterprises.”

China Telecom’s Channel Alliance Program would enable the partner community to extend its reach with an “industry-leading” portfolio of solutions, all while engaging a team of experts in the marketplace to help the partner drive business in this complex part of the world. Additionally, the company offers marketing and training support, empowering partners to deliver total communications solutions to their clients.