China Telecom Unveils Comprehensive Managed IT Solution, WeCare

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China Telecom Americas (CTA) has launched its comprehensive managed IT service, WeCare. The WeCare solution has three essential components: Out-of-Band Management, Remote Monitoring & Troubleshooting, and Cloud Managed Services. It includes customized managed IT services including Onsite/Remote Support, End Users PC/Laptop Support, Inventory Management, and more.

China Telecom Americas’ Out-of-Band Management (OOB) will not occupy a client’s existing production network and will not affect business operation. The LTE connection that comes with the OOB equipment, rather, can work as a backup line to a client’s primary Internet connection on critical equipment/systems.

Remote Monitoring and Troubleshooting

CTA’s dedicated WeCare Team provides remote monitoring and management of devices through the LTE network, modem, or dedicated WAN line. When a client’s primary network fails, WeCare can provide instant troubleshooting.

The remote monitoring service that monitors clients’ network/system availability and performance allows for proactive responses to issues, as well as promptly notification of clients and performing troubleshooting to minimize impact and downtime.

Cloud Managed Services

CTA’s WeCare offering also provides public cloud (AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud) integration, cloud migration, and maintenance services. WeCare designs cloud architecture and customizes migration plans to clients’ current equipment/system/network at IDC or on premise to specific requirements.

In short, China Telecom Americas’ WeCare offering is an ICT management solution that can be tailored to client needs. It is intended to lower clients’ IT management cost, offload local IT work, provide comprehensive technical support, and improve the IT managing experience altogether.

This article was published on on August 11, 10:19.