ChinaCache Announces Availability of Its CDN Solution on AWS Marketplace

ChinaCache (Nasdaq: CCIH), a provider of Internet content and application delivery services in China, has announced the availability of ChinaCache CDN on AWS Marketplace – to deliver static content to customers. 

ChinaCache CDN for Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud) is a customer self-service solution that would seamlessly integrate on AWS, providing AWS Marketplace users access to business and consumers within Mainland China.

Mainland China

ChinaCache’s multi-tiered content delivery network has been optimized specifically for the Chinese Internet, ensuring “low latency” access to content across Mainland China’s multiple provinces and key municipalities. ChinaCache claims to be the only AWS Marketplace provider currently to specialize in CDN services specific to Mainland China.

“The tremendous growth opportunity within the Chinese middle class has become a true focal point for most global businesses today,” said Luis Curet, General Manager of ChinaCache North America. “Yet, accessing this market with its 772-million Internet users has proven to be an even greater challenge for foreign companies due to complex Chinese government regulations and Internet infrastructure roadblocks. By being able to access ChinaCache CDN on AWS Marketplace, customers now have a single point of access for entry into Mainland China and can deliver their content into this market segment.”

ChinaCache‘s dedicated staff will guide AWS Marketplace users through the complexity of China’s ever-changing governmental licensing requirements (ICP) and content compliance guidelines.

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