ChinaCache North America Announces Strong CDN Revenue Growth

chinacacheCDN provider ChinaCache North America (CCNA) saw 50% financial growth in 2018 over 2017’s performance. “2018 was a very strong year for ChinaCache North America,” said Luis Curet, General Manager at CCNA.

“Not only have we been seeing revenue increase from existing customers. The revenue from new businesses significantly contributed to our growth,” added Mr. Curet. “The strategic partnerships mentioned represent great business potential for ChinaCache North America. Working with these global technology leaders, I am confident that CCNA will continue its growth momentum.”

ChinaCache North America had a series of positive updates and announcements last year:

  • CCNA executed partnership agreements with two leading global CDN technology providers. The agreement will allow the Partners to utilize ChinaCache’s network and extend their service offerings into China.
  • CCNA finished the integration with one of the largest global cloud solution providers. The integration will enhance the cloud provider’s CDN offerings and allow more users to gain access into China.

In an effort to continue enhancing CDN performance and offering additional features, CCNA has adopted a new service platform and finished the migration process for Tier 1 customers. The company received positive feedback and will proceed with the migration for the rest of the customers in 2019.

“In 2018, we have allocated more technical resources to CCNA which further facilitated the Company’s growth,” said Hunter Xu, VP of Engineering at ChinaCache and Head of Global Support. “The new service platform is based on the cloud infrastructure, which allows us to better control cost, while increasing traffic distribution flexibility. In addition to the performance improvement, the platform includes a self-service portal where customers can configure and onboard channels to ChinaCache network 24/7, an effective tool for both the customers and ourselves.”

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