ChinaNetCenter Uses AWS China for Delivering Cloud Hosting in Chinese Market

ChinaNetCenter, a provider of Content Delivery Network (CDN) and data center services in China, has announced that it is now working with Amazon Web Servives (AWS) China to deliver cloud hosting services in the Chinese market.

china-cdnAs of today, more than 50 standard open APIs and 100 plus functionalities have been developed on ChinaNetCenter’s Cloud Distribution Platform. The Cloud Distribution Platform has a distributed architecture, standardized management, high security and a user-friendly interface, according to the company.

The open APIs of the Cloud Platform would radically change the client configuration change request process which currently involves manual work and 1-2 days waiting, into a procedure of only 3-5 minutes from submission of a change request to effectuating changes throughout the network. This could significantly improve efficiency and lower operation cost.

More than 30,000 servers

“Our work with AWS China will be another major advance that will allow us to create a harmonious and win-win cloud ecosystem,” said David Liu, vice president of ChinaNetCenter. “By supporting the delivery of AWS software technology services in China, we are confident that we will expand our business and enable variable enterprises and end-users to benefit from our 13-year professional service experience of providing consistent, reliable and secure IDC and CDN scalable platform and resource in China.”

ChinaNetCenter will also be AWS China’s preferred provider of Content Delivery Network services in China. “We are looking forward to closely working with multiple Chinese organizations to help small and large companies use cloud computing to innovate, deploy faster and increase agility,” said Alex Yung, Corporate Vice President, Managing Director, AWS China.

Founded in 2000, ChinaNetCenter is currently running more than 30,000 servers, with a network bandwidth size of up to 4TB. In October 2009, the Content Delivery Network and data center services provider was listed on China Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZ300017).