Chinese Cloud Hosting Demand ‘Enormous’

chinese-cloud-hostingThe number of web-facing computers in China has grown by 8.3% over the last year, according to statistics published by Netcraft on its corporate blog. Remarkable detail is the fact that the majority of this Chinese internet growth has occurred within the cloud hosting market.

At the end of June 2013 there were 591 million internet users in China, according to Netcraft, which exceeds the number of internet users in either the United States or Europe by far. This makes the absolute growth rate of cloud hosting demand in China even more impressive.

云 (Aliyun)

Despite the strong growth of Chinese cloud hosting demand, most of the growth in the cloud hosting market detected by Netcraft is about Chinese sites aimed at the Chinese market. Nevertheless, it’s a big market and companies like Microsoft, Amazon and others would love to gain market share.

In its corporate blog posting, Netcraft names Aliyun (云, pronounced ‘yun’, is the Chinese word for cloud) as an interesting example of a hosting provider serving the Chinese market with cloud hosting solutions. The spectacular growth of the company would be illustrative of the overall cloud demand growth in China. Aliyun is the largest cloud computing provider in China in terms of the number of web-facing computers, and remarkably, Aliyun now has six times more web-facing computers than it did a year ago, reaching a total of 17,934 in September 2013. Worldwide, only the cloud computing giant Amazon gained a greater number of web-facing computers.

Netcraft concludes its blog posting by expressing hope that further growth of the Chinese cloud hosting market in the end will lead to more interaction of cloud hosting companies and solutions being delivered across the Chinese borders.