Chinese Search Engine Sogou Deploys Coriant Solution for Metro DCI Backbone

Sogou, a leading market provider of search engine, Chinese input solutions, and mobile Internet products & services in China, has deployed the Coriant 7100 Nano Packet Optical Transport Platform as the backbone solution for its new high-capacity Data Center Interconnect (DCI) network.

The Coriant DCI solution would enable Sogou to cost-efficiently address surging traffic growth between major data center sites and support resilient end-user applications and services, including mobile search, video, online gaming, and instant messaging.

Following rigorous performance testing and analysis, Sogou selected the 7100 Nano for its ability to meet flexible and ultra-high availability requirements with proven features such as integrated ROADM and dynamic ASON/GMPLS control plane for resilient connection management and automated disaster recovery.

In addition, the 7100’s highly compact, flexible, and power-efficient architecture would enable Sogou to reduce operations costs via space savings, lower power consumption, and reduced sparing requirements. The Coriant solution included a comprehensive range of planning, design, implementation, and maintenance services delivered by Coriant’s technical support team in China.

coriant sdn network solutions“As the growth of value-added online applications and cloud-based services in China drives increased demand for Internet bandwidth, the underlying transport network supporting reliable connectivity between data centers is critical to delivering a superior user experience,” said Zhao Liyang, General Manager, Technology and Engineering Department, Sogou. “Coriant not only demonstrated a superior data center interconnect solution, but also met our critical time-to-market requirements with exceptional local support capabilities, including fast service commissioning and optical transport expertise.”

Management of the Sogou DCI network in Beijing is supported by the Coriant Transport Network Management System (TNMS), an end-to-end management platform that would enable simplified provisioning of high bandwidth services and supports advanced features such as a dedicated GMPLS/ASON manager for enhanced multi-layer control and improved service resiliency.

“Innovators like Sogou are rapidly changing the online experience and raising the bar for network performance and service availability,” said Petri Markkanen, Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific, Coriant. “The 7100 provides Sogou the resilient foundation for a versatile and cost-efficient metro DCI network that can handle the most demanding performance requirements.”

About Coriant 7100 Nano

The 7100 Nano is a “high-performance packet optical transport solution for cost-efficient and scalable deployment in metro networks.” Combining multi-functional and high density transponder modules, integrated ROADM modules, and packet optical switching capabilities, the 7100 Nano would deliver “industry-leading” efficiency and space-savings for metro-based ROADM, 10G, 100G, and packet grooming applications in a compact 5RU footprint. A wide range of configuration options and automated restoration features based on Wavelength Selective Switching (WSS), including optical switching, multi-ring, mesh and multi-layer restoration, would provide the resilient foundation for mission-critical end-user traffic and revenue-generating services.

The 7100 Nano leverages the Coriant Pluggable Optical Layer for “flexible and cost-effective” metro optical network deployments, while providing a seamless path to Coriant’s full suite of DCI offerings, including the Coriant Groove G30 DCI Platform, an innovative stackable transport solution for cloud and data center networks that would deliver 3.2 terabits of capacity throughput in a compact 1RU form factor.