Cirba Unveils Cloud Migration and Cost Analysis Capabilities for Its SaaS Hybrid Capacity Analytics Solution,

Cirba, a provider of infrastructure control solutions for the hybrid cloud era, has announced the general availability of cloud migration and cost analysis capabilities in, its SaaS hybrid capacity analytics solution.

Along with Expert Insight from Cirba’s Densification and Transformation Advisors, now offers end-to-end transformation and capacity analysis for hybrid cloud environments. The analytics would enable automated capacity decisions and optimization to ensure applications always have the right amount of the right kind of capacity with little or no waste.

hybrid cloud densify“The move to hybrid cloud for most enterprises is being slowed by complexity of making the decision as to how to balance demand across all their infrastructure options including on premise and public clouds,” said Gerry Smith, CEO of Cirba. “After months of working with our partners and customers it is clear’s SaaS analytics enable optimal decisions so that organizations may confidently transform their infrastructure.”’s patented predictive analytics examine deep workload patterns to understand application requirements. It then uses this insight to compare various hosting options and optimally match applications to hosting environments, place workloads and allocate resources. This requires a detailed understanding of the capabilities of various host infrastructures including on premise environment options; public cloud options including Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud), Microsoft Azure and IBM SoftLayer and even bare metal offerings. provides recommendations on the best, most cost-effective hosting options and resource allocations considering cost, compliance, regulatory, security and utilization requirements.

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