Cirrus Data Solutions Launches Global Data Migration Accelerator Partner Program

Cirrus Data Solutions, a provider of data migration and data acceleration solutions, has unveiled its new global Data Migration Accelerator Partner Program. The channel program would expand Cirrus Data’s existing relationships for their DMS and DCS technologies into new global and vertical markets.

Program members can participate at three levels of membership to leverage hands-on programs, training, certifications, joint marketing, and new incentives. Furthermore, the program would enable partners to deliver a complete storage solution to enterprises of all sizes with a unique value proposition that includes local, remote, or cloud data migrations.

A key component of the Data Migration Partner Program is the ability for partners to access in-depth technical and sales training to ensure they are consistently delivering a high-quality service. In 2017, Cirrus Data will also be introducing new certification courses to further extend the knowledge base.

cirrus data migrationPartners qualify for the program based on their technology expertise, experience level, customer base, and annual volume commitment. Members will have access to a new redesigned and optimized partner portal. The new partner portal is expected to launch this fall giving partners increased access to leads, deal registration, and a host of new marketing resources.

“Cirrus Data is rapidly growing around the globe as we help businesses migrate to new storage solutions to address the exponential growth in their data,” said Ron Croce, Vice President, Worldwide Sales, Cirrus Data Solutions. “Our new Data Migration Accelerator Partner Program couples our patented DMS technology with new pricing, training, and joint marketing opportunities. We look forward to bringing this program to partners around the world.”

Cirrus Data understands channel partners and resellers have different business models with varying needs based upon their customers and the vertical markets they support. Cirrus Data’s new Data Migration Accelerator Partner Program offers three levels of participation: Explorer, Accelerator, and Innovator, which allow partners to determine their participation in training programs, marketing opportunities, volume pricing, and access to the partner portal.