Cisco and Etherstack Solutions to Modernize your existing radio infrastructure

Peter Gravelle, Etherstack, gives an overview of how to modernize your existing radio infrastructure with solutions from Etherstack and Cisco. The solution allows customers to add functional, or maintain functionality even after end of life. The solution shows how existing land radios can use Etherstack channel controllers to easily upgrade Motorola Qauntar and GE MASTR III radio systems and support analog or digital communications, Digital Fixed Station Interface (DFSI) mode or Console Substation System Interface (CSSI) mode allowing open communications to DFSI/CSSI standards based console from Cisco or others, allowing you to talk to your existing radio infrastructure speaking analog or digital, and use P25 ISSI to talk with other vendors P25 systems.

You can also use Etherstack Channel Controllers to take your existing analog radio and turn it into a P25 digital radio, and you can do this either in conventional mode, or trunking mode, gaining the trunking features without having to gain these features with expensive upgrades for your existing radio infrastructure from other manufacturers, out of stock or end of life feature upgrades.

Duration: 1:37
Publisher: Cisco
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