Cisco Announces New Switches and Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solutions

Cisco has launched new SDN-ready Nexus switches that would deliver cloud scale 10/25/40/50/100Gpbs, with “up to 10 times” performance improvement. At the same time, Cisco has unveiled its HyperFlex Systems built on the company’s UCS compute platform.

“The Cisco Nexus 9200 is a next-generation Top of Rack switch that pushes the boundaries and exceeds performance of existing solutions,” said Trey Layton, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, VCE, the Converged Platforms Division of EMC. “These switches meet the needs for the dense, hyperconverged compute and IO intensive applications that VCE VxRack Systems address. For example, it’s not uncommon for customers with hundreds or thousands of VxRack nodes to drive millions of IOPS, as well as hundreds of gigabits per second of system bandwidth. The Cisco Nexus 9200 solves this problem.”

The new Cisco Nexus 9000 switches would deliver:

  • cisco-hyperflex
    Cisco HyperFlex Systems-Vertical

    Industry leading performance for 100Gbps, with “25 percent more” non-blocking performance, plus greater reliability and lower power

  • Real time network telemetry at 100Gbps wire rate, enabling network security with pervasive NetFlow and fabric wide troubleshooting
  • The ability to scale “up to 10 times” in IP addresses and end points at cloud scale, and support over a million containers per rack.
  • Unique cloud services with adaptive capacity and congestion control, allowing customers to support lossless traffic for IP storage, hyperconverged and converged infrastructure on a single unified fabric.
  • Future-proofing with cloud economics for the transition to hyperconverged infrastructure and applications based on micro-services and containers

“The new Nexus 9200 and 9300-EX platforms will enable us to stay ahead of the competition with 10/25/40/50G for the access and 40/50/100G in the core,” said Peter Elbertse, Managing Director, PPRO’s Hosting Provider, the Netherlands.

cisco switchesCisco has also unveiled its new HyperFlex Systems, built on Cisco’s industry-leading UCS compute platform, which brings a new architectural approach to hyperconverged infrastructure.

Cisco HyperFlex Systems would simplify policy-based automation across network, compute and storage for the widest set of enterprise applications. Cisco HyperFlex surpasses first generation hyperconverged solutions, which were severely limited in terms of the performance, flexibility, and operational simplicity required by today’s IT environment of micro-services, containers, new applications and clouds. This expands Cisco’s portfolio of complete software-defined infrastructure – from compute with UCS, network with ACI and SDN solutions, to now HyperFlex for storage.

Cisco HyperFlex customer benefits would include:

  • Plug-n-play setup within minutes, not days, with flexible, adaptive and independent scaling of compute, network as well as storage capacity
  • Powerful data management services such as rapid clones and non-intrusive snapshots with always-on inline deduplication and inline compression, yielding up to 80% reduction in the data footprint
  • Engineered from the ground up to deliver “30 percent” reduction in TCO and “up to 40 percent” higher performance than competitive solutions, extending hyperconvergence to a wider spectrum of enterprise workloads

In addition, Cisco has announced:

  • Software enhancements that enable ACI support for Cisco Nexus 7000 switches, protecting customer technology investments in the most common deployment scenarios.
  • New Cisco Nexus 3000 data center switches, which continue to bring architectural choice for customers who prefer merchant silicon-based solutions, are based on industry-leading chips and deliver 25/50/100Gbps.