Cisco Business Basics: How to Select an Unmanaged Switch for Your Small Business

A Cisco Unmanaged Switch is a valuable, cost-effective solution for making successful network connections – whether it’s for your home office or small business.

In this “Cisco Business Basics” video, you’ll learn about the different models (such as 8PP-D, 16PP and 24PP models), and their main features, and hear real examples to help choose which model of Cisco unmanaged switch works best for your small business or home office.

0:00 Introduction
0:24 Unmanaged Switch Basics
1:10 Is an Unmanaged Switch Right for Your Business?
1:46 Features of Cisco Unmanaged Switches
2:06 Unmanaged Switches Models (8PPD,16PP, and 24 PP) Explained.
2:35 What Makes an Unmanaged Switch Different than the Other?
3:49 Which Model of a Cisco Unmanaged Switch is Right for Your Small Business (Example)

Duration: 00:04:55
Publisher: Cisco
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