Cisco Expands Its UCS Portfolio to Power Applications at Every Scale

Cisco has announced an expansion of its Unified Computing System (UCS) business, delivering a new portfolio of solutions optimized for intensive data analytics and a new breed of scale-out applications. With the introduction of Cisco UCS M-Series Modular Servers for cloud-scale applications, and Cisco UCS Mini for small-scale and enterprise-edge environments, Cisco is addressing new market segments and use cases.

cisco-cloud“Rapid changes in the way applications are architected and delivered are being driven by the demands of Big Data, the Internet of Everything, mobility, video and cloud,” said Paul Perez, vice president and general manager, Cisco UCS. “We are in a new world where data sets and application scale are rapidly growing, and the opportunities for businesses to capitalize on the deeper intelligence and faster decisions they afford are really taking off. With this expanded portfolio, Cisco is delivering the largest wave of computing innovation since the original introduction of UCS.”

Cisco’s new technology innovations include:

  • Cloud-scale computing

New Cisco UCS M-Series Modular Servers would deliver breakthrough levels of operational efficiency for cloud hosting service providers and enterprise customers who increasingly rely on scale-out application architectures. With exclusive Cisco System Link Technology, the UCS M-Series leapfrogs conventional designs, delivering a disaggregated server architecture for leaner cloud-scale infrastructure.

In addition, the new Cisco UCS C3160 Rack Server, featuring high-capacity local disk storage, would be ideal for distributed data analytics and object stores, unstructured data repositories, and media streaming and transcoding.

  • Edge-scale computing

Unified Computing innovation is now optimized for remote sites, branch offices, and small IT environments with the introduction of Cisco UCS Mini. This all-in-one solution delivers servers, storage and networking in a compact form factor that is easy to deploy and operate. For customers operating large numbers of remote sites or branch offices, UCS systems management enables operations and policy control of distributed computing at a massive scale.

  • Data-intensive computing

Additionally, an expansion of the current UCS portfolio brings new levels of power and scalability for a wide range of data center workloads by unveiling new fourth-generation UCS Rack and Blade Servers for application performance, and new UCS Director solutions to manage Big Data infrastructure workloads.

Cisco UCS M-Series Modular Server, a brand new product line within Cisco UCS, would deliver breakthrough levels of operational efficiency for cloud hosting service providers and enterprises .

The new fourth-generation UCS Servers and UCS Director products would deliver power and control to accelerate intensive data analytics and a wide range of applications for improved business outcomes, including:

Cisco’s UCS Director Express for Big Data provides a single touch solution that automates deployment of Hadoop and provides a single management pane across both physical infrastructure and Hadoop software. It is integrated with major open-source distributions to ensure consistent and repeatable Hadoop UCS cluster configuration, relieving customers from manual operations.