Cisco has introduced Cisco Plus which is an as-a-service strategy to help customers in connecting, securing, and automating to boost the digital agility in a cloud-preferring world. The vendor will be rolling out flexible buying and consumption models to customers. Cisco is making changes in its go-to-market strategy for software, hardware, and services in order to meet their customer’s needs.

Cisco Plus’ new buying and operations experience would simplify the process of consumption and usage of the Cisco portfolio. Cisco Plus offers networking, compute, storage, security, applications, and observability solutions ‘as-a-service’ – with subscriptions that can “easily” be consumed for a smooth experience.

This Network-as-a-service (NaaS) offering allows customers to operate and maintain outcomes that they want from the network without owning, creating, or maintaining infrastructure. The IT teams also want to derive benefits from the NaaS models as they are continuously looking to deliver secure and consistent access for the regularly growing mobile and remote workforce with a less complex process.

Let’s have a look at the main services that Cisco Plus NaaS solutions can provide as claimed by the company.

Cisco Plus NaaS Solutions: Claimed Benefits

  • The company said that the service can provide “secure and seamless” onramps to applications and cloud providers. The service includes flexible delivery models, consisting of pay-as-you-grow and pay-per-use options.
  • The service also provides end-to-end visibility from the client to the application to the ISP and a unified policy engine to make sure that the genuine users have access. In addition to that, clients will also get real-time analytics that are based on AI/ML driven insights for performance tracking and cost.
  • The Cisco Plus NaaS solutions would make its partner organizations add additional value and provide their services faster and it will provide API extensibility across the technology stack.

As planned by Cisco, NaaS will focus on cloud-based solutions as-a-service for secure access service edge (SASE). Talking about the current scenario, Cisco SASE allows clients to take advantage of future services with full-fledged protection for investment. The organization is also planning of limited release of NaaS solutions later this year that will have a goal to unify security, networking, and visibility services across WAN, access, and cloud domains.

Cisco Plus Hybrid Cloud, which will be available by mid-2021, will include the entire data center compute of the organization along with a networking and storage portfolio. It will also provide third-party storage and software, bridging on-premise, edge, and public cloud. The Hybrid Cloud by Cisco comes with a flexible consumption model and complete lifecycle suite of services via Cisco Customer Experience(CX) and other partners. The limited release of the service will be limited to Canada, Netherlands, US, UK, Germany, and Australia in the first phase.

In the next half of 2021, as-a-service customers of Cisco will be able to engage “quickly and easily” with the organization via Cisco Plus Experience, a self-service engagement portal built on Cisco CX Cloud that will let the partners track usage, consume, and learn about Cisco’s as-a-service portfolio. The interface will have a marketplace where all the customers can choose from a large catalog of Cisco and other partner services.

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