Cisco Unveils nPower Network Processor with 400 Gbps Throughput

Cisco-npower-x1With 4 billion transistors on a single chip, the nPower X1 from Cisco – the first generation of the nPower processor family – is purpose-built for software-defined networking (SDN), enabling on-the-fly reprogramming for new levels of service agility and simplified network operation.

With trillions of advanced ‘networked events’ predicted to come online over the next decade, the new Cisco nPower integrated network processor delivers new levels of performance and bandwidth, as well as programmable control using open APIs and advanced compute capabilities. It would be the first true 400 Gigabits-per-second (Gbps) throughput from a single chip, to enable multi-terabit network performance.

The Cisco nPower X1, which incorporates over 50 patents, also features the following advancements in network processing:

  • All packet processing, traffic management and input/output functions are integrated on a single nPower X1 and operate at high performance and scale.
  • Highest-performing programmable control designed to seamlessly handle hundreds of millions of unique transactions per second. The nPower’s processing architecture is purpose built for machine-driven events and ultra-high-definition video applications.
  • With 4 billion transistors on a single chip, the nPower X1 implementation achieves unprecedented levels of performance, functionality, programmability, and scale for a network processor.
  • Enables solutions with eight times the throughput and one quarter the power per bit compared with Cisco’s previous industry-leading network processor.
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- Koen Stegeman, Editor-in-Chief and CEO