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Trust is a vital aspect of enterprise communications. It involves delivering on security, privacy, compliance, reliability, and availability. Whatever the communication mode, end-user device, or location, your business depends on trust. And your end users demand it.

Join TechWiseTV host Robb Boyd, Abhay Kulkarni, Webex VP of engineering, and Niraj Gopal, Webex director of product management, as they share how Cisco Webex enables you to manage the security and reliability of your enterprise communications without compromising the end users’ experience:
• End-to-end media stream encryption, including protecting data at rest
• Cipher suites for secured communications
• Role-based access
• Audit logs, diagnostics, and real-time analytics

Learn how you can deploy trust without compromise using Webex. And find out about the six avoidable collaboration platform risks.

Duration: 34:34
Publisher: Cisco
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