#CiscoChat Live – Cisco Security: Better Together with Cisco Threat Response

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take the top performer on your security team and clone them a few times? That would be an easy way to deal with the issues facing security teams today. Cyber security programs must evolve with the changing threat landscape, increasing attack sophistication, ongoing compliance requirements, and never-ending talent shortages and budget constraints. Attacks and attacker strategies are becoming more complex. Our networks are becoming more complex. Meanwhile, new technologies keep emerging that we can use to defend our network assets, but each has their own interface and workflow, making defense itself more complex as well.

What if there was a way to reduce all this complexity? What if we could skip a lot of the manual labor that goes into investigating and responding to incidents by tying together our sources of information and our response capabilities?
The undeniable fact is that security technologies must work together to reduce burdens on your security operations team. Integration and automation is the key. We’ve made great strides in recent years through our integrated security architecture, and today we’re sharing the latest innovation that truly unleashes its full power: Cisco Threat Response.
Threat Response is our exciting platform that automates integrations across Cisco Security products. It’s designed to dramatically cut the time and effort needed to detect, investigate, and remediate — thereby making your security operations more efficient and effective. It’s not about cloning after all – it’s about making sure your organization has the best possible security posture by connecting technologies with threat intelligence for faster action. Already more than 5000 organizations have seen its value firsthand.
In this session we’ll answer questions about Threat Response and also do a quick demo of our browser plugin and our latest integration with Firepower devices.

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Duration: 40:5
Publisher: Cisco
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