Citrix DaaS Now Available in Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Photo Carisa Stringer, Vice President of Product Marketing, Citrix
“In transitioning from Citrix on-premises to Citrix DaaS, customers can save 50 percent to 70 percent over a three-year period,” said Carisa Stringer, Vice President of Product Marketing, Citrix.

Citrix Desktop-as-a-Service is now available in Azure Marketplace. This would make it easy for organizations to acquire this DaaS solution and utilize it to swiftly put up the protected, flexible and high-performing workplaces required by remote workforces.

Citrix DaaS is a cloud service that may assist modernize IT and fulfill the demands of remote employees. It was previously known as Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service. It would provide enterprises with a safe, agile, and simple means to immediately distribute apps or desktops from any cloud or data center to any device anywhere in the world.

Microsoft clients may use the solution to make it easier to offer Windows and Linux desktops and apps on any device, anytime, while also improving critical platforms such as Windows 11 and Windows 10 multi-session.

With Citrix DaaS now available in Azure Marketplace, organizations have access to key benefits including:

  • The Azure consumption commitment benefit – allowing eligible commercial marketplace offers to contribute towards your organization’s Azure consumption commitment
  • Simplified procurement and management – including access to Azure cost management

Citrix DaaS joins a wide selection of Citrix solutions available in the Azure Marketplace that enable organizations to rapidly scale environments into the cloud.

“Citrix and Microsoft have long been partnering to accelerate the future of work by combining the power of Microsoft Azure with the user experience, management and security benefits of Citrix digital workspace and virtualization solutions,” said Carisa Stringer, Vice President of Product Marketing, Citrix. “In transitioning from Citrix on-premises to Citrix DaaS, customers can save 50 percent to 70 percent over a three-year period, including an additional 25 percent of costs above and beyond the savings delivered using Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop alone.”

To sum up, key features of Citrix Desktop-as-a-Service would include:

  • High-definition HDX Technology – Citrix HDX technology optimizes audio and video performance for Teams, Skype, and other multimedia apps on any device, and delivers an engaging experience independent of Internet connection or location.
  • Comprehensive Management Tools – Built-in tools would streamline image management, application lifecycle and IT operations tasks to provide a customized experience to all workers as both Azure and on-prem deployments can be managed from a single interface.
  • Integrated Analytics – Citrix performance and security analytics capabilities would give admins deep visibility into application performance and security concerns. It would allow them to quickly address issues and mitigate their impact.
  • Provisioning Services (PVS) – IT teams can stream hundreds – or thousands – of cloud-hosted virtual machines in minutes using acclaimed software streaming technology, which allows desktops and programs to be deployed and re-deployed in real time from a single shared golden image. This helps optimize cloud resource consumption while improving IT agility.

Enhancing Employee Experience

“With Citrix and Microsoft Azure, IT can serve up a superior experience that keeps users engaged and productive,” added Carisa Stringer. “Video streaming is smooth, audio calls are clear, and graphic-intense engineering applications render seamlessly.”

Among the other benefits they can deliver:

  • Enhanced Performance – Workspace environment management service may optimizes user density and performance to deliver a great experience
  • Improved Security – Application protection, dynamic policy control, and watermarking keep data safe from malicious agents or inadvertent data loss
  • Cost Efficiencies – Autoscaling capabilities would rapidly scale environments up or out as needed to support business requirements and keep costs in check