ClearDB MySQL Database Services Now Available to Microsoft Azure Customers in Canada

ClearDB, a pioneer in database virtualization services, has announced that its ClearDB MySQL database services are now available for Microsoft Azure customers in both of Microsoft Canada’s two new sub regions – Toronto and Quebec City.

“Today ClearDB supports more than 100,000 Azure customers around the world and we are excited to add Canada to that list,” said Jeff Vogel, CEO of ClearDB. “We are joining Microsoft in a growing cloud movement in Canada that is driving business efficiency and innovation.” 

cleardbClearDB MySQL database services would provide a high performing, yet simple way to maintain nonstop access to MySQL databases in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Compliant with Canada’s in-country database residency requirements, ClearDB would offer multi-master, geo-replicated database clusters that prevent common database failure scenarios without requiring customers to alter their code.

Currently, more than 200,000 companies worldwide are relying on ClearDB’s services.