Cloud AI Platform Pipelines overview

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Want a pipeline environment without having to set up a whole Kubeflow deployment? In this episode of Kubeflow 101, we introduce you to Cloud AI Platform Pipelines – a service that improves the reliability and reproducibility of your machine learning workflows by allowing you to easily work with pipelines, create notebooks in the cloud, and automatically authenticate other cloud services without managing a complex deployment. Watch to learn how Cloud AI Platform Pipelines can easily orchestrate machine learning workflows by allowing you to focus more on machine learning rather than infrastructure.

0:00 – Intro
0:26 – What are AI Platform Pipelines?
1:01 – How to set up an AI Platform Pipeline
1:46 – Deploy a Notebook instance on AI Platform
2:40 – Deploy your model to AI Platform and run an execution
3:30 – Conclusion

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Product: Cloud AI Platform Pipelines, Kubeflow; fullname: Stephanie Wong;


Duration: 00:04:02
Publisher: Google Cloud
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