Cloud and Dedicated Server provider ServerHub Adds Monitoring As-a-Service from Server Density

ServerHub, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider specializing in dedicated servers and cloud based virtualization applications, has announced that Server Density’s Monitoring Service has been added to the hosting services available in their portfolio.

“We’ve been working with ServerHub for the past few months to provide an easy to use monitoring tool that completely adapts to their workflow,” said Jorge Salamero, Head of Business Development at Server Density. “Our monitoring is used both internally and offered to their customers. ServerHub is a valued addition to our growing list of partners.”

dedicated-serversServer Density is now part of the ServerHub complete and full-featured offering. “We don’t just sell servers, we provide customers with an outstanding experience,” said John Brancela, CEO at ServerHub. “From our support engineers to out network and staff, we want our customers to feel excited about the ServerHub platform.”

ServerHub customers, whether they have VPS hosting services or dedicated servers can all benefit from Server Density’s monitoring solution, not only on the machines themselves, but on anything they run inside: web servers, databases or any other services or applications. ServerHub operates a global Infrastructure platform designed for reliability and scalability with customers in over 120 countries. The company is headquartered in Henderson Nevada and has its data centers located in Phoenix Arizona.

About Server Density

For the last 6 years, Server Density has provided IT infrastructure monitoring to IT admins and DevOps. The company has customers at all stages of development, from startups and SMEs through to NGOs and public sector organizations, digital agencies managing hundreds of websites and the most demanding SaaS software vendors.

Server Density partners with hosting providers to offer value-added services to their customers: server and website monitoring with flexible alerts, graphs that will help to troubleshoot issues and endless customization possibilities with the plugins and REST API. Server Density also provides integrations through the most popular control, billing and provisioning systems.

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