Cloud Backup Solution Viper Backup Distributed Globally by eCommerce Provider Avangate

Backup software provider, based in Houston, TX, has announced that it will partner with eCommerce Provider Avangate to provide worldwide distribution channels for the company’s business cloud backup solution, Viper Backup. claims to be an emerging force in the cloud hosting industry, offering solutions that are more diverse than most of its hosting counterparts. Viper Backup is the core part of the company’s business cloud backup division, offering a secure backup solution that would be capable of securing unlimited workstations and servers for an entire organization under a single subscription. Besides cloud-based software solutions, is also offering services like domain name registration and web hosting.

As a software provider, needed an eCommerce platform that could support the increasing number of licensing and business models, allowing them to manage subscriptions and licenses across the entire customer lifecycle. Avangate’s platform meshed very well with the direction and reinforcement of the global reach envisioned for Viper Backup.

cloud-backupThe backup software provider describes itself as a growing force in the competitive world of online backup since 2010. With the release of its latest build 13.01 in May 2013, Viper Backup can natively backup SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, and the latest version of Windows Server 2012. Viper Backup allows you to backup unlimited computers and servers with one license. Viper Backup also boasts a revamped self-healing mechanism that repairs itself if trouble arises. Its recovery engine allows companies to recover data and it also supports backing up to a local drive which could be a USB connected drive, network share, or network attached storage device.

eCommerce provider Avangate

Avangate is an eCommerce provider that enables software and software-as-a-Service companies to sell their products via any channel and any model with a view to optimizing both online and offline revenue. Specifically designed for the software vertical, Avangate’s scalable solution includes a full-featured secure eCommerce platform, a partner management system as well as a worldwide affiliate network. Avangate’s expertise in the software business helps vendors increase product visibility on the Internet, maximize access to additional selling channels and improve overall software revenue.

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