Cloud-based VoIP Hosting Platform Released by Mizutech

cloud-voip-hostingMizutech, developer of the Mizu VoIP platform from Brasov, Romania, has announced the release of its cloud-based VoIP hosting solution called “VoIP on Demand”. The new VoIP hosting platform provides a pay-as-you-go model with instant availability.

With the new VoIP cloud hosting platform, clients will have the possibility to select the SaaS option and thus create VoIP cloud instances in a matter of minutes instead of days or weeks.

The pay-as-you-go VoIP hosting model would allow maximum flexibility and efficiency in network planning with dynamically allocated modules and capacity, allowing companies to optimize their ROI.

“Cloud migration is not an option but a must for today VoIP businesses wishing to keep their leader positions in the fast changing market pushed by the smartphone and tablet market explosion,” said Istvan Fenesi, CEO at Mizutech SRL. “Flexibility and scalability with optimized hardware and network costs are the key elements to bring a VoIP business to the next level requested by the current demanding circumstances.”

The VoIP hosting package includes the following components: 

  • Basic VoIP services: Class4/5 SIP and H323
  • Flexible billing options
  • A wide range of optional modules: tunneling, encryption, IM/SMS/fax/video, IVR, API, P2P and callback, resellers, Call shop, Callcenter and others
  • Customized softphones for Web, Windows, Android and iOS
  • Centralized remote management
  • Web access for end-users
  • Maintenance, backup, support and monitoring services

Mizutech is a software development company with over a decade of experience in the VoIP industry. The company now provides complete solutions for telecom carriers, enterprises and small businesses including VoIP server, softphone and web based VoIP hosting solutions.