Cloud computing and the changing IT economics landscape

The continued enterprise adoption of the cloud computing model has brought with it a major shift in the IT economics landscape. Physical IT resources are no longer the essential components that they once were, and the concept of “reliability” has taken on a new meaning. In this highlight from Uptime Institute Symposium 2012, a panel of industry experts discusses how the cloud model is altering the economics of delivering IT services.

Highlight from To Cloud or Not to Cloud: Data Center Strategy Panel

Chris Eldredge, General Manager and Senior Vice President of Products, Telx
Yoram Heller, Vice President of Corporate Development, Morphlabs
Patrick Davis, Vice President of Finance and Corporate Strategy, Vantage Data Centers
Dr Jon Koomey, Consulting Professor, Stanford University (Moderator)

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Duration: 3:57
Publisher: Uptime Institute
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