Cloud Computing Company Cloudistics Releases Its Spark Guardian Edition Operating System

Cloudistics, a provider of enterprise hybrid cloud computing technology, has announced the release of its Cloudistics Spark Guardian Edition operating system, a new security hardened, highly compliant OS that would meet the strictest government security standards as part of their new Cloudistics 3.2 release.

The new Cloudistics Spark platform adds government standard compliance certifications and new security functionality as part of the new Cloudistics 3.2 release – which would be ideal for government, healthcare, finance, and insurance sectors.

The Cloudistics Spark Guardian Edition OS was specifically designed for customers in highly compliant sectors such as government and commercial customers in healthcare, finance, and insurance that require higher level government standard compliance certifications.

The Cloudistics Spark Guardian Edition hypervisor is accredited and validated to meet government compliance standards including:

  • FIPS 140-2
  • Secure Technical Implementation Guidelines (STIG)
  • USGV6 (DOD IPv6)
  • TAA

cloudistics hyperconverged infrastructure“Cloudistics addresses security at every layer in the development cycle so that security is built in, not bolted on,” said Najaf Husain, CEO and founder of Cloudistics. “The compliance certifications and security hardening of our platform make Cloudistics the ideal private cloud platform for our state and federal customers, and commercial customers, especially in healthcare, finance, and insurance, that require their infrastructure to be compliance certified or need additional security safeguards.”

The new release is FIPS 140-2 compliant with the ability to implement centralized key management with KMIP compliant platforms. Cloudistics is now certified with Gemalto SafeNet Key Secure and Vormetric Data Security Manager from Thales.

This release includes the ability to install a local version of the management portal. This would allow the Cloudistics platform to be managed without a connection to the Internet, “ideal for customers that require air-gapped environments.” The local version maintains many of the features, functionality, and performance of the online portal.


The new Cloudistics Spark Guardian Edition OS is available now. The new Cloudistics 3.2 release is also available now and has been rolled out already to existing customers. New customers will have the new release pre-installed on any new systems ordered.