Cloud Daddy Releases Secured Backup Version 2.1 with Cross-Cloud Replication


Cloud Daddy (, a company offering secured backup and disaster recovery (DR) for AWS, has unveiled its Secure Backup (CDSB) 2.1 solution with cross-cloud replication support.

Cloud Daddy offers AWS customers of any size and location a feature-rich solution for protecting and managing data across the spectrum of public, private, government, and hybrid cloud.

Secure Backup Version 2.1 would add the following major enhancements:

  • Cross-Cloud Replication to Microsoft Azure – In CDSB 2.1, the ability to save EBS snapshot replicas within Microsoft Azure Blob Storage has been added. Enabling cross-cloud replication provides an added layer of replication and protection for your data. According to Cloud Daddy, the ability to support cross-cloud replication is a very demanded and important feature for Enterprise and SMB redundancy.
  • CDSB Instance Self Backup to a different AWS Region – CDSB has been enhanced to provide an additional layer of protection for itself, whereby selection of a different region can be made where an additional backup of the CDSB instance will be copied. It is yet another layer of protection for the CDSB instance in protecting your overall data protection capability.
  • SMS Notifications from CDSB – In CDSB 2.1, a user can now get all types of notifications delivered via E-mail, as well as SMS text.

Cloud Daddy has been building up these security features on top of their existing set of tools that CDSB already has. For this solution, Cloud Daddy has been recognized as a startup winner by TechData in a recent backup and disaster recovery ranking. To paraphrase one of the judges, CDSB would offer a trifecta of data backup, disaster recovery and infrastructure management.

Cloud Daddy is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, USA, and is an Amazon Technology Partner.

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