Cloud Data Management Company Rubrik Announces Alta 4.1 Release, Adds Google Cloud Platform Integration

Rubrik, a global provider of cloud data management solutions, has announced the 4.1 release of its cloud data management platform. Rubrik Alta 4.1 completes support for all major cloud providers with a new Google Cloud Platform integration.

Rubrik can be deployed to orchestrate all critical data management functions – backup and recovery, replication and DR, archival, search, and analytics – for all Microsoft apps; Windows, Hyper-V, SQL, Azure, and Azure Stack. Rubrik Cloud Data Management was architected from the beginning to deliver cloud archival and data services.

rubrik cloud data managementWith Alta 4.1, Rubrik CloudOn instantiation services support both AWS Cloud and Microsoft Azure, providing “server-less” conversion of VMs to cloud instances. Now enterprises can use Rubrik CloudOn services to power-on applications in Microsoft Azure, mobilizing them from data center to cloud. This would lower the costs of disaster recovery and test/development in the public cloud by utilizing cloud services only when needed.

“Cloud adoption is top of mind for CIOs on the hunt for savings, scalability and increased business efficiency,” said Arvind Nithrakashyap, CTO of Rubrik. “With our latest release, every enterprise can mobilize their apps and data to any public cloud environment. Version 4.1 of Rubrik Cloud Data Management continues the rapid expansion of our cloud solution portfolio. Now, every enterprise can mobilize their apps and data to any cloud environment and enjoy instant data access, regardless of underlying infrastructure.”

Rubrik Alta 4.1 is generally available through the company’s global partner network.

Google Cloud Storage

Rubrik Alta 4.1 adds cloud archival support for all classes of Google Cloud Storage (Nearline, Coldline, Multi-Regional, and Regional). Enterprises can now orchestrate application data across a multi-cloud environment for long-term retention while retaining instant data accessibility through search.

Rubrik supports Microsoft Azure’s GovCloud and AWS GovCloud, and is an Advanced Tier Technology partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN). Rubrik Alta 4.1 broadens support to all government infrastructure offerings from AWS, including advanced secure services like Commercial Cloud Services (C2S). Rubrik 4.1 also adds support for Amazon Glacier, completing support for all storage classes of AWS – Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Standard-Infrequent Access (Standard IA), and Amazon Glacier.

With Rubrik 4.1, administrators can assign granular permissions to managed objects (e.g., assign Oracle DBs to Oracle Admin) to accelerate the self-service delivery of protection policies, recoveries, and analytics reporting across a multi-cloud environment.

To learn more about the Rubrik Alta 4.1 release, visit the Rubrik website.