Cloud Data Security Company Vaultive Announces Series of Expanded Cloud Security and Governance Capabilities for IaaS and SaaS

Vaultive, a provider of cloud data security solutions, has announced a series of expanded cloud security and governance capabilities that would help organizations protect all of their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platforms through a single, unified platform.

The Vaultive Cloud Security Platform now features out-of-the-box protection for many widely-used cloud applications and platforms, and its capability to add “in-depth protection for new applications quickly” without the need for custom development would set it apart from other cloud security vendors.

vaultive cloud security“While many traditional cloud access security broker (CASB) technologies are adept at detecting unauthorized use of cloud services, they often fall short of customer expectations when it comes to protecting sanctioned applications,” said Doug Lane, vice president of product marketing, Vaultive. “Our expanded capabilities, combined with longstanding competitive advantages, like our feature-preserving encryption technology, help us serve organizations focused on solving the real challenge, cloud data protection.”

The Vaultive Cloud Security Platform features a multi-mode architecture that can operate both inline between users and cloud services and out-of-band through cloud-provider application programming interfaces (APIs). This unique architecture would enable Vaultive to implement strong encryption that preserves application functionality, along with granular policy controls and auditing capabilities that span all of an organization’s cloud services.

In recent months, Vaultive has expanded its out-of-the-box platform protection coverage to numerous platforms to meet customer demands, including:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) – It is easy for IaaS resource usage to multiply without sound security and governance protections in place. The Vaultive platform applies a unified set of security and governance controls to the entire AWS footprint.
  • Slack – The team productivity application would be simple to use and implement so it can quickly spread across an organization without IT approval or support. Vaultive gives organizations the security and governance controls to ensure appropriate protection and transparency for Slack.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Without proper controls, individual system administrators can quickly amass tremendous power that can introduce new areas of security exposure, either unintentionally or as a result of compromised credentials. Vaultive allows Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers to implement a cloud data security model that establishes clear segregation of duties between their internal information security teams and Microsoft cloud personnel.
  • ServiceNow – This provider of IT Service Management (ITSM) software transforms IT services and infrastructure through a single cloud-based platform by moving sensitive business processes to the cloud. Vaultive would apply strong, searchable encryption and granular policy controls to data before it leaves an organization’s trusted network allowing organizations to benefit from the ServiceNow platform securely.
  • Oracle Taleo – This human resources management application processes both recruitment and employee information. With Vaultive, organizations can take a proactive approach to securing data and protect it from unauthorized access.
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