Cloud Developer Survey Highlights Database Performance and Scalability Struggles

More than 50 percent of cloud developers cite performance and scalability as their top two database struggles, according to a survey detailing database usage among developers who use cloud technologies. The survey, released by Redis provider Redis Labs, was conducted with over 100 AWS (Amazon Web Services) re:Invent conference attendees in 2014.

This survey by Redis Labs revealed three key insights:

  • Performance is the cloud developer’s top challenge – More than 50 percent of respondents cited performance and scalability as their top two database struggles.
  • Developers run NoSQL alongside relational databases – Contrary to general perceptions, most respondents have active multi-database deployments in their environments.
  • More than 40 percent of respondents use NoSQL – MongoDB, Memcached, and Redis ranked among developer’s top three database choices.

redis-labs“It’s no surprise that NoSQL has become a mainstay in the developer stack,” said Cameron Peron, vice president of marketing at Redis Labs. “Developers clearly demand high performance, and Redis, providing such low latency and blazing fast speed, has quickly risen to become a naturally dominant solution.”

Redis Labs, a company that raised $13 million in venture funding from Bain Capital Ventures, Carmel Ventures, and others, offers enterprise-grade Redis for developers. Its fully-managed cloud services – Redis Cloud and Memcached Cloud – would deliver top performance in a highly-available, infinitely scalable, predictable and stable manner. Redis Labs powers tens of thousands of customer apps in multiple cloud environments and enhances use cases such as fast transactions, real time analytics, social app functionality, job management and geo-search.