Cloud-Hosted Scalable Storage for Managed Databases Unveiled by DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean booth

Scalable Storage for DigitalOcean PostgreSQL and MySQL Managed Databases has been released. This would allow small and medium-sized businesses to only pay for the data resources they need, preventing cloud underutilization and optimizing customer spend.

Customers of DigitalOcean may now enhance the disk storage of their managed databases without requiring changes to compute and memory in order to accommodate increased needs for data use, thanks to this new option.

Megan Wood, Chief Strategy & Product Officer at DigitalOcean, said, “As businesses continue to grow and face ever-increasing customer demands, they need a database solution that can seamlessly scale alongside them. DigitalOcean’s portfolio is designed to satisfy the demands of IT startups and entrepreneurs by providing them with affordable and adaptable solutions such as Scalable Storage. This new product makes it simple for companies to grow in the cloud by enabling them to confidently increase their data footprint and meet changing database storage needs.”

MySQL and PostgreSQL 

Almost every kind of organization, from an AI startup storing voice recordings to train their huge language model to an ecommerce website maintaining up-to-date inventory data, requires a database that can grow to meet their demands, stated DigitalOcean. It would also be crucial for startups and SMBs with little funding to have adaptable and reasonably priced storage solutions.

Scalable Storage would give users the flexibility to add storage to MySQL and PostgreSQL Managed Databases at cost-effective prices with minimal friction and downtime. With a variety of shared and dedicated configuration plans, DigitalOcean clients could benefit from more customizable options that better fit their businesses. It would allow them to:

  • Increase disk storage without increasing compute and memory – With this service, users may meet dynamic demand by expanding disk storage in increments of 10 GB, without having to increase compute and memory. Disk storage capacity adjustments may be made by customers at different user levels using a variety of interfaces, such as the Cloud Console or API, making the process easier and more understandable.
  • More disk storage capacity – Customers may raise the minimum amount of disk storage included in all Managed Database plans from two to five times the initial amount. Users can “future-proof” their databases by ensuring they can manage the greatest database production workloads, thanks to the availability of up to 15 TB of storage space.
  • Monitoring to save costs – By keeping an eye on use statistics and triggering warnings, users may grow computing, memory, and storage when it matters most. Businesses may continue to minimize expenses while retaining optimal performance by only paying for the database compute and storage resources that are really required.