Cloud Hosting Company Linode Celebrates 12th Birthday by Adopting KVM and Boosting Cloud Server Performance

Linode, a provider of cloud hosting services founded in 2003, has celebrated its 12th birthday by announcing the availability of KVM-powered cloud servers. The free upgrade would significantly accelerate server performance, accommodate alternate operating system, and improve boot times.

cloud-servers-linodeKVM (in tandem with QEMU) is an alternative to the popular Xen virtualization software that Linode has been using since 2008. KVM has far less overhead, thereby improving virtual machine performance, according to Linode. For example, a 2GB Xen Linode (cloud server) yielded UnixBench scores of 800 compared to a 2GB KVM Linode that yielded scores exceeding 2400, a three-fold performance improvement, states the company. 

“We invest huge amounts of money in quality hardware, including high end processors,” said Linode founder/CEO Christopher S. Aker. “KVM’s low overhead allows us to optimize our investment and give our customers the benefit of its fantastic performance.”  

Starting today, customers can upgrade their Linodes to KVM with the click of a button located on their Linode’s dashboard.

Linode has also opened a new office in the Philadelphia area to accommodate its expansion plans and will open its eighth datacenter this summer in Frankfurt, Germany.

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