Cloud Hosting Firm UKFast Starts Developer Center

UKFast, a large cloud hosting firm from the UK, has announced the launch of its Developer Center – a new platform that would empower developers to integrate their own systems and software with UKFast’s products and services.

This move comes following the delivery in the last 18 months of application programming interfaces (APIs) across key products within the UKFast product range.

The APIs delivered by UKFast would open up new options for resellers and systems integrators while enabling greater flexibility for developers requiring hosting and security solutions.

APIs for UKFast’s flagship eCloud hosting range, SafeDNS, DDoSX and UKFast Storage are already live. “We’ve had APIs in our products for several years, but this marks a change of approach for us and really enables developers to get the most out of our product range,” said Neil Lathwood, CTO of UKFast. “We’ve put in a huge amount of work in the background to make sure the APIs are simple to consume but provide complete control to clients. This makes a huge difference to the way developers and systems integrators interact with us and consume our services.”

“Our commitment now is to provision APIs at the start of the product development process,” added Mr. Lathwood. “We’re flipping our launch model and enabling clients to access eCloud more quickly and in a number of different ways. APIs are moving UKFast closer to AWS, Azure and Google, and further away from the traditional hosting providers. We want developers to get creative with the powerful APIs we’ve built. They can get on with their job and they’re in full control. It’s about providing choice, speed and flexibility.”

UK-based Cloud Alternative

New Software Developer Kits (SDKs) would make it simple to work with the APIs and make integration more streamlined. UKFast customers can spin up virtual machines in seconds and provision resources “at the touch of a button.”

“Many clients want to speak to a person before provisioning services, but we’re giving system integrators and developers greater opportunity to deliver for their clients with zero friction,” said Lawrence Jones MBE, CEO of UKFast. “It’s an incredible opportunity for resellers to offer a super-fast, wholly UK-based cloud alternative through an API delivery model. Just because we’re enabling our customers to do more themselves and have more control, it doesn’t stop us picking up the telephone and adopting a consultative approach, which is what sets us apart from some of the larger players. This continuous feedback loop enables us to research, develop and deliver.”

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