Cloud Hosting Provider DigitalOcean Opens Data Center Location in London

DigitalOcean, the U.S. based provider of SSD powered cloud hosting for developers, has expanded its European presence with a new London data center (LON1). With two data centers already operating in the Amsterdam region, LON1 marks DigitalOcean’s third facility in Europe.

digitalocean-cloudDigitalOcean selected the London location to provide U.K. developers a native location to service their customers. Due to government regulations, the European Union’s Data Privacy Directive currently makes it difficult for data to be moved outside of the region.

LON1 will be running the latest version of the company’s backend codebase, allowing for IPv6 support on all “droplets” – the company’s branded term for cloud servers. The new codebase would provide benefits such as actions that can be initiated without needing to power off a droplet (e.g., snapshots and enabling/disabling networking services), as well as a more reliable backup service architecture overall. IPv6 can also be added to existing droplets without the need for a reboot.

IPv6 support

“As the U.K. is experiencing a boom in both tech and entrepreneurship, it is a top priority for DigitalOcean to ensure that innovative companies there have the tools and support they need to continue to grow and succeed,” said DigitalOcean CEO Ben Uretsky. “This new data center was created to bring the best cloud infrastructure experience possible to developers in this fast-moving and exciting region.”

DigitalOcean will continue to invest heavily in its infrastructure as more regions are added throughout Europe and beyond. The company recently announced the opening of its first location in Asia, and will be mandating IPv6 support as the standard for all locations moving forward.

Headquartered in New York City, DigitalOcean has spun up over two million cloud servers since its inception. DigitalOcean has servers located in New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Singapore and London.