Cloud Hosting Provider Everleap Unveils New Private MongoDB Server Packages

Everleap, a cloud hosting platform built by the team at DiscountASP.NET, has announced the enhancement of its database hosting services with Private MongoDB server solutions.

This new database hosting solution would offer customers private servers with their own installation of MongoDB, an open-source NoSQL database.

The MongoDB server solution is designed to address the needs of businesses that require databases with evolving schema; businesses that have large datasets with a need for fast and flexible access to data; and businesses that require custom MongoDB server configurations.

The Everleap Private MongoDB server plans come with a set CPU core configuration and the server resources can be expanded. Some of the Private MongoDB Hosting plan details include:

  • Two base plans with 2 CPU cores or 4 CPU cores
  • 200 GB storage which can be expanded
  • Customers can select the amount of RAM
  • MMAPv1 or WiredTiger storage engines
  • Includes server maintenance and security patching
  • Includes consultation and technical support

“We offer Private Microsoft SQL and Private MySQL hosting solutions and we are excited to add Private MongoDB database servers to our portfolio,” said Takeshi Eto, VP Business Development, Everleap. “Our Private MongoDB service delivers a cost-effective fully managed dedicated NoSQL database service that is compatible with .NET applications.”